Enjoy Best Scuba Diving In Manzamo Point Okinawa

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Scuba Gear And Dive Equipment List

As human bodies are not habitual to seeing, staying and breathing underwater, the right diving gear helps you with everything you need to do. Every diver must be equipped with proper knowledge of diving, physical skills and a good set of scuba diving equipment. 

Scuba gear is a critical topic for every diver, from considering the best scuba gear to buy or rent for diving to learning how to maintain it. Here, we are sharing a list of basic scuba diving equipment that could help you in diving with full enjoyment.

  1. Scuba Diving Masks:  Experience the best diving in Okinawa with Scuba diving mask. It is the basic piece of diving equipment but it’s not easy to find a dive mask that is comfortable and properly fitted. The best scuba mask gives you an amazing field of vision as well as equalize the pressure on your ears as you go deeper. These masks won’t leak and should be comfortable to wear underwater for the entire duration of your dives. Without a good vision, you won’t have fun diving.
  2. Scuba BCDs:   Scuba BCDs are also called scuba BCs, buoyancy control devices that hold your gear setup together. On the other hand, if you are diving with a new dive operator and you really don’t know how good or bad the quality of the equipment really is. I’ve done dives where the BCD didn’t fit well and the weight pockets fell out easily, dump valve cords and inflators didn’t work. Literally, It can ruin your dives.
  3. Scuba Diving Regulator:  It allows divers to experience the underwater world, without scuba regulator; the key piece of scuba gear, we don’t able to breathe underwater. Scuba regulator lowers the high-pressure air from your tank to ambient pressure so you can breathe it easily. Finding the best diving regulator is not as easy as it sounds. There are many different models and specs, you can get caught upon.
  4. Diving Fins:  Fins are another important component in our diving gear. It gives you support on your movement and help you to adjust yourself through the water with speed and agility. Basically, there are two types of scuba fins available on the market: open heel and full foot fins. 

In other words, Scuba diving fins convert your kicks into smooth and efficient movement in a medium that’s 800 times denser than air. 

5. Scuba Diving Wetsuits:  Only warm water can conduct heat away from your body 25 times faster than air and protects you from the sun, cuts, scrapes, and stings. Scuba diving wetsuits also provide insulation against this cooling effect. These suits are usually made of foam neoprene rubber or spandex-like materials (skins). This scuba wetsuits allow a small layer of water inside that allowing your body to warm and keep most of the water out.

A good quality wetsuit is just like an investment in both your comfort and safety zone while diving.

6. Dive Knives:   A divers knife is the most essential safety, a life-saving tool that every diver should carry. A knife types from stainless steel to titanium, a good sharp or serrated edge helps you in cut from fishing lines, ropes, vegetation, etc. in case you get into trouble! 

7. Scuba Tanks:  Being able to breathe underwater is the most important part of scuba diving. Our trusty scuba tanks allow us to do that. If you’ve only been diving out dive centers, you may never have the option of choosing a tank. So, now we must know some important things that need to consider – the first of which is what type of material it should be based on your own specific diving needs.

8. Dive Computers: You can track your dives using a dive computer – it’s very easy to use. By using a dive computer we can also get real-time dive information that will be really helpful to dive well.

A dive computer is just like an underwater best friend for every diver. It’s a small square console or a watch that helps divers to avoid a serious condition called decompression or sickness.

Conclusion:  Diving is totally equipment-dependent activity, but we don’t need to purchase a full set of diving equipment, whenever we dive. Mostly, all dive shops provide rental equipment to use during courses, if we are not ready to purchase a full set of gears.
However, completing your course in at least some of your own diving equipment allows you to comfort yourself with its function and it can be used, once you are certified.

“Remember one thing , it’s very dangerous to purchase diving equipment and try diving at your own risk.”